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I Created a Discord Server Where People Talk for A While and Then I Upload Their Minds

How to Turn People into Discord Bots

NOTE FROM LATER: I have shut down the Neural Uploads discord project. However, there is an official Info Toast discord, I just won’t be uploading people’s minds with it. You can check that out here: https://discord.gg/rftS5NA.

So, recently, the idea struck me that I can use Artificial Intelligence to predict what people would say. Right now, it’s a little loose-ended, and the talk of the AI doesn’t make much sense, but I can allow you to join the alpha version of the discord server. I will have a tutorial in the future on how to create these programs. There is also a fun AI that is based on Donald Trump, which you can meet and talk to. Like Donald Trump, the AI speaks only nonsense and money. However, for now, I have this announcement post that you can come to this server and meet me, as well as have a robot made that acts like you. So, use the link https://infotoast.org/neuralUploads to join the group chat, and I will see you there!

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