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Why Limbo is the Best Warframe

Why Limbo is the Best Warframe

The main game that I love to play is Minecraft. However, every once in a while, I put down the blocks, and play some Warframe. I’m not the greatest at Warframe, but I’m pretty good. When I first started, I got a great piece of advice from one of my friends. He had just created a new Warframe, which was Limbo, and he was basically indestructible. In this tutorial, I will talk about how to use limbo, one of the oddest Warframes, to your advantage. If you use Limbo correctly, you can become virtually indestructible.

The Limbo Warframe
Limbo. Image by TheXboxHub

How Limbo Works

Limbo has a set of basic abilities and a passive ability which is incredibly useful. The reason the passive ability is good is that just by activating it, Limbo can put himself into the rift. As long as he doesn’t banish everybody else, nobody can hurt Limbo.

The Limbo Abilities
The Limbo Abilities. Image by Nomadic Gamers

The Banish Ability

The Banish ability send enemies into the rift. In the earlier days of the game, it will completely destroy enemies. Enemies take a significant amount of damage while entering and exiting the rift. Later in the game, banish can be used to divide a large horde of enemies. This is useful because he may want to attack other enemies earlier. Only people in the rift can attack people in the rift, and only people in the standard plane can attack people in the standard plane.

The Stasis Ability

The second ability allows limbo to freeze all enemies who are in the rift. This means that if you have a large number of enemies that have high amounts of health or shield, you can freeze them and they can’t fight back when you attack them. Also, you can freeze a horde of enemies and you can take them out one-by-one without stress.

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The “Rift Virus” Ability

The third ability is named something weird which doesn’t really show what it means. The third ability isn’t very useful and I don’t use it very often personally because it’s weird. However, there are some situations where you can use it. Basically, from what I remember, if an enemy survives to be in the rift where this ability has been targeted on him, he will release a radial banish. This means it will put him and anybody near him at the time into the rift, and give them the damage that happens when they enter or exit the rift.

The Cataclysm Ability

Limbo can open up a giant spherical portal around it where everything that enters it becomes part of the rift. This is useful when fighting off a large group of enemies. The player can open up a cataclysm and then activate the freeze ability and trap all of the enemies in the rift. Then, Limbo can attack the enemies without them being able to fight back.

The Passive Ability

The passive ability of limbo is that they can immediately go into the rift. This requires zero energy to do, and when the player is in the rift, they will slowly gain energy. This means that the player doesn’t have to worry about running out of energy and not being able to find any orbs. This will also make them invulnerable to anybody who is not in the rift.

Features with the Limbo Bundle

If you get limbo from the bundle, you can have access to some very cool things, one of which is incredibly powerful.

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Opticor Primary Weapon

The Opticor is a very powerful primary weapon. Anybody hit with it, unless they are very powerful enemies, will be completely obliterated and wiped out of the plane of existence. If somebody has a huge amount of health, they may not die the first time, but they will take significant damage. It takes a long time to charge, but it is definitely worth it.

The Opticor
The Opticor. Image by Warframe Wikia

Modding Limbo

Limbo isn’t that good by itself. However, if you mod Limbo, you can make Limbo incredibly powerful. The trick is to get mods such as longevity and range which enable Limbo’s abilities to last longer and his fourth ability to become larger. As always, it is generally a good idea to invest in some health and shield mods, because Limbo doesn’t have much armor at the beginning.

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