About Info Toast

Info Toast is a free, ad-free tutorial site which you can use to get tutorials on computers, Minecraft, and Warframe. The Owner, Developer, and Lead Author of Info Toast is Frank. Frank does Info Toast as a hobby and doesn’t intend to make money in any way with it. He just wants to help people with various issues they may be having.

However, Info Toast has something which sets it aside from the other Tutorial websites. As you can see, on the bottom right-hand corner of the site, there is a chatbox. You can type into the chat box for help, and Frank will get a notification on his phone and he can respond and help you with whatever you are having trouble with. You don’t even have to ask about existing Tutorials. Frank will be there to answer any question, and may even answer your question and then write a Tutorial for people who need help in the future.

So come along to Info Toast with all of your problems and read the Tutorials, or just message Frank and your problems will be solved!

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