Welcome to the New, Faster Info Toast

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How Info Toast Should Now be Faster than Ever I do a lot to improve the performance of this site. From making caches on the local server to making caches on Cloudflare, I want Info Toast to be as fast as it possibly can be. I don’t use a web server host to host InfoRead more

Join Our Discord Server!

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We have a Discord Server Now! Join us! The site has gone somewhat viral over the past few days or so. I now feel like the site is ready to have a community. This is why I have taken the first step of creating a Discord server! Now, you can interact with me, as wellRead more

FreeBSD: Linux’s Linux

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FreeBSD: The OS Even Most Linux Devs Don’t Know Much About I’m going to go ahead and make a bold statement: Linux users know more about Windows than Windows users know about Linux. There’s a ladder of knowing more than the other guy that happens with the Operating Systems. It’s kind of a food chainRead more

Paper, the Newest Technology in Minecraft: Java Edition Servers

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Paper Server for Minecraft: Java Edition My server has pretty much always had performance issues. Even though I run my Minecraft server on my supercomputer (see The Poor Man’s Guide to Making a Supercomputer), and allocate up to 24 GB of RAM to it, it still crashes sometimes. However, that has recently ended, since IRead more

I Got a Chromebook

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I Got Myself a Chromebook I did something that to a lot of programmers, sounds somewhat stupid. I got myself a Chromebook. At the start, this sounds a little bit weird. However, Chromebooks have begun to be able to support more than they used to, and I have gotten it to do some exciting stuffRead more

Not-So-Fun-Fact: SSD’s Do Fail

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Solid State Disks Do Fail So, I am not a hardware person. I am a programmer. If I were asked about hardware, I would know enough to get by, but I couldn’t tell you that much. However, I am going to talk about hardware today because there was something that happened to me recently thatRead more

Welcome to My New Blog!

Hello Interwebs, You may already recognize me from one of my previous endeavors. You may recognize me as OreDerp, that cringy Minecraft YouTuber kid who knew all sorts of redstone, seeds, and even had a few videos about the generation alogrithm. As well as some other crazy stuff: Others may remember me as the inventor of Oddball, theRead more