Three Ways to Get Nerds in an Argument

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Best Ways to Get Nerds in an Argument People don’t think that nerds are usually the fighting type. However, there are some things that nerds get very angry about other nerds about. These are three of those ways that I have been thinking about. 1) Bigger Processor Caches vs. Smaller, Smarter Processor Caches This isRead more

What the Heck is My Second Favorite Unicode Character‽

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The Interrobang (‽) While I was on Wikipedia today, admiring my favorite Unicode character, the section symbol (§), I noticed that it was part of a series of articles on Unicode punctuation marks. While looking through the characters, I noticed this: ‽. I was immediately struck to my knees in its utter beauty and usefulness.Read more

Photos of Me With No Context

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Photos of Me With Absolutely Zero Context I have done some strange things in my day. I have decided to take some of those photos of me doing strange things and put them in this list, while providing zero context for them. I will let you decide which photos are your favorite in the commentsRead more

Forget the WiFi, Just Get Yourself a 30 Foot Ethernet Cable

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Why You Need a Long Cable It is no secret that wired is better than wireless. Wired is faster, wired is more secure, and wired doesn’t fluctuate. In this commentary, I will discuss why you should get yourself a long ethernet cable instead of worrying about WiFi. You Don’t Have to Worry About The WiFi PasswordRead more

10 Reasons Your Computer is Better than Your Girlfriend

Why Your Computer is Better than Your Girlfriend So, back in the day, it was impossible to have both a computer and a girlfriend. This was before the computer was ubiquitous, and it was before nerdy was considered cool like it is today. Luckily, we live in the day now where just about everybody hasRead more