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The REAL Jack Teixeira Documents

This whole Jack Teixeira documents situation has a lot of weird information around it. The press entirely jumped on someone who was basically a kid. What’s more, in seemingly none of the articles do they actually show the Jack Teixeira documents for download. A lot of critical thinkers, especially ones who understand computers, have been recently left with serious questions. They have read the news, and read, and read, and read, and could never find the actual documents leaked.

At one point, I myself had serious question about whether the Jack Teixeira documents even existed. This is given the nature of cases in the past where the press has all-out lied about the internet to an audience of largely Gen X and Baby Boomers.

If you’re dug deep enough, you’ve probably heard the likeness of Bellingcat. Maybe you’ve even found the BBC article that actually dared to leak the documents. You probably didn’t know that the BBC article was shown in the official report given to DoD employees. However, maybe you haven’t found them all yet. After all, the vast majority of them never surfaced outside of private discord conversation. However, in this article we have the ones that truly did.

I won’t attempt to analyze the Jack Teixeira documents, but will leave the comment section open to anyone. That way, people who know more about Ukraine/military strategy can provide input.

The Jack Teixeira Documents

I would like to put my full thanks to the webmaster of archuser.org for providing the images for us to publish.

Status of the conflict as of the first of march from the Jack Teixeira documents
The Bakhmut Axis plans from the Jack Teixeira documents

Archuser.org has also provided a handy .zip file for downloading the Jack Teixeira documents:

The index of the Jack Teixeira documents from archuser.org is available here.

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If this list should ever go down, it can be found on the Wayback Machine.

I am uploading these documents knowing full well the search engines may finally do an end to Info Toast. Our traffic has been down the past few months, and a gradual decline all year. I would like to ask for the support of all those who are fans of the site. You can do that not with your money, but by joining our Matrix server or subscribing to our RSS feed. We will continue to be not-for-profit.

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    1. While 200+ images were shared privately, unfortunately, only four of them ever saw the light of being made public. Because the Discord server was deleted, those images are likely lost to time.

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