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Dead Island 2 Review: Blood and Guts Simulator


Dead Island 2 follows the story of a chosen character trying to survive in a zombie-ridden Los Angeles. After a plane crashes into the city, it leads to a new world of survival, where the player discovers they are immune to the zombie-creating virus. From there, the player ventures to use their immunity for the better and help create a vaccine to end the outbreak.


The player must navigate through various parts of Los Angeles to reach quest locations. Fighting occurs in every quest as the player is forced to deal with hordes of zombies. Quests may involve searching for a location, killing many zombies, or trying to help an old neighbor.

Dead Island 2’s Combat

The combat of Dead Island 2 is where the game truly shines. Every weapon packs a massive punch. Weapons can be customized with multiple elements to maximize lethality. Combined with the game’s advanced gore system that details high resolution damage to every organ and tissue, combat never gets old.


At the start of the game, the player hand-picks the main character. Each choice features its own dialogue, personality, and stats. As for the side characters, most are wealthy Los Angeles residents, military personnel, or survivors simply trying to make it through the outbreak.


Various beaches and cities in the Los Angeles area combine to create the game’s settings. Everywhere the player goes, new and strange zombies will greet them. Rewards and amazing weapons are also hidden throughout the cities to make the risk of adventure worth it.

Dead Island 2 Graphics

Dead Island 2 Graphics sample

Dead Island 2 pushes Unreal Engine 4 to its limits to create 4k environments with advanced graphical presets. Every scene in the game looks stunning, especially with the nice red stains from all the blood that is constantly spilled.

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Dead Island 2 Price

Dead Island 2 is available on Epic Games, XBOX, and PlayStation for $69.99. On sale, it has fallen to $38.49. A Steam release is coming on April 22, 2024.

Steam Link

Epic Games Link


In all, Dead Island 2 is a great sequel that greatly builds on the original in terms of story content and gore. Combining humor with graphic bloodshed only made the game more enjoyable. This game is a HELL YEAH, BROTHER out of 10.

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