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Visage Review: P.T.’s Spiritual Successor


Visage follows a man named Dwayne Anderson, who wakes up to find himself trapped in a house. As Dwayne navigates said house, he is haunted by ghostly apparitions and mysterious events. Despite these factors, Dwayne must progress towards finding the truth behind himself and the house’s past.

Visage’s Characters

As seen before, Dwayne serves as Visage’s protagonist. The game is divided into chapters, each handling a past house resident. Characters’ stories are displayed as Dwayne comes face-to-face with the troubles the owners once experienced.

Dark scene from Visage


When not getting scared, players must solve the many puzzles that the game throws at them. The puzzles are not usually very complex, and can normally be solved without guidance. Players must also manage their resources carefully, for running out of sanity or precious tools brings certain death.


Visage takes heavy inspiration from Hideo Kojima’s “P.T.” As a result, the game’s main horror comes from an overwhelming sense of dread and tension created by the atmosphere and environment. Combined with jump-scares, chase sequences, extremely disturbing cutscenes, and the fact that nowhere is safe, horror lasts for every second the game is running.


Visage uses Unreal Engine 4 to create its environments. The game’s lighting is simply stunning, which contributes to the horror. It is also worth considering that high-end systems aren’t needed to maximize settings.

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Visage’s Setting

The house Dwayne initially finds himself in is the main setting of Visage. To keep the player intrigued, the game frequently changes the house’s appearance and layout during the game’s run. One of Visage’s main selling points comes from just how strange and mysterious its environments can suddenly become.

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On average, Visage can be found on Steam, XBOX, and PlayStation for $34.99. On sale, the game tends to drop to $17.49.

Steam Link for Visage


Visage will certainly satisfy anybody who is craving for more of “P.T.” For everybody else, the game still provides a bizarre, psychological, and deeply disturbing experience that is truly unique. This game is a solid MY UNDIES ARE BROWN, BROTHER out of 10.

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