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The Finals Review: Destroy, Kill, Destroy


The Finals is a 3v3v3 first-person shooter with high-speed combat. Victory can only be achieved by zooming through the map, jumping off skyscrapers (no fall damage), and gunning down all your opponents. When combined with the game’s detailed destruction, virtually anything can happen in the arena.

Shooting in The Finals

Game Modes

As of December 2023, The Finals features two main game modes, Quick Cash and Bank It. In Quick Cash, players must hold down and collect various deposit points on the map to win. On the other hand, Bank It requires players to collect and deposit coins dropped by other players and multiple vaults around the map.

In both cases, the players work to help their team reach the money goal and win the round. Casual and tournament versions are available for all players and game modes.


There are multiple different arenas in which a match can take place. Some are compactly filled cities, while others are expansive training grounds. All maps allow for destruction, easy and quick navigation, and lots of violence.

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Built for next-generation consoles and computers, The Finals features beautiful and advanced graphics. Using the unreal engine, a wide range of graphics presets are available to every user (including raytracing). Even on lower presets with no high-end features (seen below), the game is simply stunning.

Graphics in The Finals


Light, medium, and heavy classes are all possible candidates to play in The Finals. As weight increases, both player speed and weapon fire rate will slow down; however, heavier players will also see an immense increase in health. Despite these differences, all classes allow for domination.

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Class Builds

Classes in The Finals are fully customizable. Each class has over five weapons to choose from, with even more unique gadgets that can be used in every match. Additionally, each class features a unique special ability that sets it apart from every other class. In this game, the player is given complete control of what they want to carry into each match.


The Finals’ destruction system is fully fleshed out and displayed constantly. Anything with enough power (including the Heavy’s dash power) can destroy everything in the game. Once the destruction starts, it doesn’t end until the area shares no resemblance to its former self.

Destruction in The Finals

How much does The Finals cost?

This game comes at the steep price of being completely free to everyone. No matter the computer or console, everybody can enjoy The Finals at no cost whatsoever; to still make money, though, the game includes an item shop and battle pass that only contain in-game currency, emotes, skins, and nothing advantageous.

Steam Link for The Finals: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2073850/THE_FINALS/


The Finals is a chaotic, free-to-play team shooter that gives players a constant dopamine rush. It is fast-paced, fun, and 100% worth giving a try. This game is a solid HELL YEAH, BROTHER out of 10.

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