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Palworld Review: Pokémon With Carnegie-Style Slavery

Palworld’s Gameplay

Palworld is an open-world survival craft game. In between catching pals and violating labor laws, players must keep up with their hunger, stamina, health, and various other aspects of their character. The main gameplay loop involves catching pals, enslaving them, leveling up, and battling bosses across the open world.


Palworld features 138 unique pals for players to catch and use in hard labor. Pals are categorized by their type, with opposite types providing extra damage to one another. In addition, the game has pal gear that allows players to ride pals, give them weapons, or even turn them into weapons.

Palworld Combat

Combat involves both the player and the pals. The player can use melee and ranged weapons (including guns!) to damage wild pals. Conversely, pals can fight alongside the player and use their special move sets to help win battles.

Palworld’s Open World

The open world is expansive and filled with countless activities. Exploration allows players to encounter dungeons, bosses, and unseen pals. Also, the open world contains many resources, including pal eggs, that advance player progression.


Progression mainly comes from Palworld’s technology tab. This tab has buildings and resources that will be unlocked by leveling up. Leveling up also allows the player to increase their chosen characteristics (stamina, health, carry weight, etc.).

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Base Building & Slavery in Palworld

Another core part of Palworld is building a base. Base building is one of the game’s first activities, with said base becoming a central hub. Players can also enslave pals in brutal conditions to improve resource gathering and general efficiency.

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Pals building a base in palworld


Built on Unreal Engine 5, the game’s graphics are excellent and pleasing to the eyes; with its early access release, however, the game has stutters and frame drops even on higher-end systems.


On Steam and XBOX, Palworld can be found for $29.99. It can be found for $26.99 when it’s on sale.

Steam store: https://store.steampowered.com/


Palworld is an open-world, survival-craft action game that lets players violate animal rights and expand control over an entire map. This game is a solid HELL YEAH, BROTHER out of 10.

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