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Plugins that Can Help You Speed Up a WordPress Site

Optimization Plugins for WordPress

One of the best features of WordPress is that it is customizable. Info Toast uses wordpress to send out articles to the masses. To improve search engine visibility, we went to Google to look at how the site was sped up. They suggested several plugins that we love. It enables the website to send information faster by lessening the amount of data it sends.

Of course, these plugins are no substitute for Cloudflare. You should get Cloudflare for your site for speed and security. However, Cloudflare can only speed things up where it can. You may want to install optimization plugins for WordPress like the ones we will highlight for your site so you can speed things up when Cloudflare can’t.

1) Autoptimize

Autoptimize is probably one of the best plugins available. Autoptimize provides many different options to optimize your site. One of the main features is that it caches pages for your website. It also allows for the lazy-loading of images and can put the CSS on the page head.

Autoptimize is not only a good thing for speeding up your site, but it also improves search engine visibility. Search engines will take care to put the faster and more optimized sites higher in the pages because users don’t want to have to worry about a slow website.

The Autoptimize Logo
The Autoptimize Logo

2) Yoast SEO

This isn’t an optimization plugin. But it’s a useful plugin because it drastically improves your site’s visibility, quickly. Yoast provides numerous menus for making your website more straightforward for search engines and people to read. It also has a readability tracker in posts. This means that it will assist you in improving readability in your articles.

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Yoast SEO has steadily brought Info Toast up in the search engines. Previously, if you Googled “info toast,” you would get a bunch of other strange things. However, now, if you Google “info toast,” you will have Info Toast be the first thing on the list. DuckDuckGo has also indexed info Toast. Though Yoast SEO isn’t an optimization plugin, it deserves to make any list for WordPress plugins because it’s incredible.

The Yoast Logo
The Yoast Logo

3) Wordfence Security

Now, you’re probably thinking, “Frank. This is a security plugin. This list has only talked about one speed plugin.” Well, you’d be surprised by the abilities of Wordfence Security. However, security is the same thing as speed. In other words, if your website is being DDoS’d continuously, you won’t have a speedy site. Viruses can also make computers way slower.


This is one of the reasons that Wordfence Security is good for speed. Numerous speed options will improve your speed with Wordfence. Wordfence Security is the only plugin that I would recommend that every single WordPress site get. Wordfence Security is a staple for the somewhat insecure WordPress. It is a security plugin, but security means speed on the majority of occasions.

The Wordfence Logo
The Wordfence Logo


Well, I hope you liked my strange list of wordpress plugins that only one of which is an actual “speed” plugin, while the other two plugins only have speed as a side-effect. The reason we only included one actual speed plugin is that you do not want to have more than one speed plugin. If you have more than one speed plugin, they just become bloatware and wind up slowing down your site.

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