A Long Ethernet Cable

Forget the WiFi, Just Get Yourself a 30 Foot Ethernet Cable

Why You Need a Long Cable

It is no secret that wired is better than wireless. Wired is faster, wired is more secure, and wired doesn’t fluctuate. In this commentary, I will discuss why you should get yourself a long ethernet cable instead of worrying about WiFi.

You Don’t Have to Worry About The WiFi Password

The assumption behind those who invented the internet was that if you had a cable that connected directly to the router, you were allowed to be on the network. However, fast forward several decades, and what you will find is large-scale facilities such as schools, and large company buildings have ethernet where you can plug into an access point, and you’re all good to go. This means that Ethernet is the primary way to get onto the network even when you don’t have the password.  Bring a cable everywhere you go, and you’ll be allowed on practically every network.

Wired is More Secure

When it comes to Man-in-the-middle attacks, wireless is very bad at preventing them. There is a type of hacking called “Pringles Attacks” that takes advantage of that. People hook up a wireless receiver onto a pringles can or something similarly shaped from their car. Their car can be miles away, and they can still read wireless signals. The pringles can amplifies the signal from the WiFi, and they can see all of your data that isn’t encrypted. You do not have to worry about anything like that if you have a wired signal, especially if it is connected to a modem or a switch.

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Diagram of This Type of Attack
A Diagram of How the Pringle (Man in the Middle) Attack Works. Image by Rafay Hacking Articles

Wired is Faster

It’s no secret that wired connections are way faster than WiFi connections. The electrons can move through the cable a lot faster than the waves can move around the air. That’s just plain and simple logic right there. This is why most professional web servers are hooked up to a wired connection. They need to transfer their data quickly, and wired is the only thing that can do that.

Wireless Connections Fluctuate

Have you ever been connected to a WiFi network one moment, and then the next, the web seems to go down. That is because wireless connections tend to fluctuate more. If you’re trying to send a steady stream of data, this can be a problem because this can interrupt your signal. I find it very irritating trying to stream movies or television shows through a WiFi network. This is because one moment, it may work fine, and then the next, something will happen, and it cannot work anymore.

Image of Buffering Screen
You know this stupid screen. Image by GizBot

Even If Your Device Doesn’t Have an Ethernet Cable, You can Find an Adapter to Provide Ethernet

This applies especially for phones and small laptops. Some things don’t have an ethernet provided. If you’re in a dead spot for the mobile network, this may be especially difficult. However, if your phone has a charging cable that can transfer data, as most modern phones do, some Adapters move the internet to your phone’s charging cable. The same thing applies to USB for smaller laptops. There are ethernet to USB adapters out there that you can use.

An Ethernet to USB-C Adapter
An Ethernet to USB-C Adapter. Many modern phones use USB-C. Adapter by Xcellion


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