How to Have a Live Dynamic Map of Your Minecraft Server

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How to Install Dynmap on Your Minecraft Server My friend showed me a truly interesting thing that he created with his Minecraft server. He had created a live map that showed the locations of every player as well as two-dimensional and three-dimensional versions of the map of the server. In this tutorial, I will showRead more

Why Limbo is the Best Warframe

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Why Limbo is the Best Warframe The main game that I love to play is Minecraft. However, every once in a while, I put down the blocks, and play some Warframe. I’m not the greatest at Warframe, but I’m pretty good. When I first started, I got a great piece of advice from one ofRead more

Why Minecraft’s Infinite World System Actually Kind of Stinks

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Why The Infinite World System is Actually a Bad Idea This is somewhat of a weird post. It may not make sense to a lot of people. Some people think that one of the most redeeming things about Minecraft is that the worlds are infinite. However, in most editions of Minecraft, the worlds are notRead more

How to Set up a Permissions System in Spigot

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How to Set up a Minecraft Permissions System with LuckPerms Anyone with minimal knowledge of programming can tell you that permissions suck. However, they are a necessity. Without permission systems, anybody could hack your server just simply by accessing an administrator panel or something. Luckily, Minecraft has permissions designed a little easier. In this tutorial,Read more

Some Plugins that Every Minecraft Server Needs

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Best Minecraft Server Plugins No matter what your server is (except for Anarchy), there are some plugins that most likely you will need to install on your Minecraft server. The plugins I will list in this tutorial are Java plugins made for Spigot servers. If you do not have a Minecraft Server yet, please seeRead more

How To Make A Minecraft Server (Bedrock)

How to Make A Bedrock Edition Minecraft Server So, you want to make a Minecraft Server? Well, you’ve come to the Right Place. This is the tutorial for the Bedrock Edition which is anything except for the PC edition, and several other outdated or rare versions. In this tutorial, I will give you the optionRead more

How to Make a Minecraft Server for Free (Java)

How to Make a Minecraft Server for Java Edition Players Multiplayer in Minecraft has always been somewhat difficult. Unlike other games, in Minecraft Java Edition, you can’t simply just connect to your friend’s world. Especially in Java Edition, multiplayer is incredibly difficult, and oftentimes expensive if you want to play with your friends. Mojang offersRead more

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