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Sleeping Dogs: Chinese Gangster Simulator Review


In Sleeping Dogs, Wei Shen, an undercover cop, must infiltrate the gang world of Hong Kong. Throughout the Sleeping Dogs game, both cop and gang life must be balanced with one another. With his gang, Wei risks murder if he’s found hanging around the cops.

On the other hand, Wei’s operation will be useless unless he gets deep enough into his gang in Sleeping Dogs. The game is pricey, and Wei is the only one paying.

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Main & Side Characters

As seen before, this game’s protagonist is Wei Shen, a charismatic and witty undercover cop. Various gang members (Jackie Ma, Winston Chu, Dogeyes) are given developed stories as Wei chooses who he can trust. Additionally, some police force members (Teng, Raymond, Pendrew) are put on display during specific sections of the game.


Being remastered in 2014, the Sleeping Dogs’ graphics have held up quite well. The textures and lighting aren’t the most advanced, but it’s to be expected for a game that’s nearly ten years old. Other than that, the graphics shouldn’t be too disturbing to players.

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Since most of the Sleeping Dogs takes place in the context of gangs, combat encounters come very frequently. Fighting is done mainly with fists and kicks, however some missions do include guns for Wei to use. The combat is violent and combo-based, reminiscent of the Arkham games (but with death).


The bustling city of Hong Kong serves as the setting for Sleeping Dogs. Streets are lively, lit-up, and constantly surrounded by pedestrians and drivers.

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Open World/Side Quests

The open world is divided into four provinces, each having many side quests and encounters. Wei can embrace his police side by participating in drug busts and multiple cop jobs. He can also get back into the gang world through street racing, martial arts clubs, and cockfighting (with chickens).

Sleeping Dogs Game Map

How much does Sleeping Dogs cost?

On a normal day, the Sleeping Dogs game can be found on Steam for $19.99, $29.99 on XBOX and PS4 (no PS5 availability); On a sale, however, prices can fall as low as $2.99 on Steam and $4.49 on console!

Steam link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/202170/Sleeping_Dogs/


In all, if being an undercover cop and fighting gangsters with brutal Arkham-style combat sound interesting, you’ll likely find Sleeping Dogs to be a blast! If you disagree with this review, you’re wrong. This game is a solid HELL YEAH, BROTHER out of 10.

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