An Example of a Complex Generation in WorldEdit. Courtesy of Brawl Games
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Some Plugins that Every Minecraft Server Needs

Best Minecraft Server Plugins

No matter what your server is (except for Anarchy), there are some plugins that most likely you will need to install on your Minecraft server. The plugins I will list in this tutorial are Java plugins made for Spigot servers. If you do not have a Minecraft Server yet, please see our tutorial on how to set one up at How to Make a Minecraft Server for Free (Java). So, without further ado, let’s see what the best plugins are.


Essentials is probably the most excellent Minecraft server plugin ever to exist. At its very basic idea, Essentials is a collection of commands that should be in Minecraft but aren’t. There are also fun commands that allow you to shoot exploding cats at people and collect player’s skulls and put random objects on your head and things like that. The configuration for Essentials is incredible, and it allows you to do all sorts of things.

The first Essentials is no longer supported. However, there is now a port of Essentials for new Minecraft servers called EssentialsX. The last Minecraft version that you can get the first version of Essentials is 1.7.10. However, you can get EssentialsX up to 1.14.4, which is the latest Minecraft version now. The developers of EssentialsX will continue to roll out more releases after 1.14.4, probably. You can download EssentialsX at You can download the original Essentials at


The idea of WorldEdit is straightforward. Place a lot of blocks, a lot of quickly. WorldEdit is very good at allowing you to do that. Unlike most editors that only allow you to make cubes and other simple shapes, with enough mathematics, you can make elaborate things like the following picture in just one command:

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An Example of a Complex Generation in WorldEdit. Courtesy of Brawl Games
An example of a complex feature made in WorldEdit.
Image Courtesy of Brawl Games.

WorldEdit is how giant Minecraft servers can build such intricate and complex things without it taking them an incredibly long time. I recommend WorldEdit. It is not only useful if you have a Minecraft Server, but it is also useful if you want a lot of stuff done quickly. You can download WorldEdit at


Server owners often use permissions plugins to be able to decide who gets to execute what commands. People use them to give players exciting prefixes that allow you to show what role they are and to color up the chat. However, permissions plugins are incredibly complicated. And, a lot of the permissions plugins that are famous are outdated. I can’t even seem to get many of the permissions plugins to work. However, LuckPerms is here to save the day with a graphical online editor and simple modifications and ranking systems. You can download LuckPerms at

You Decide More

You are welcome to comment on your favorite plugins. I will add to this list when I see your comments, and I look at the plugins, and I like them too. Let’s see how many plugins we can get on this list!

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