A Review of Pop! OS

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Reviewing Pop! OS Pop! OS is a ubuntu-based distribution of Linux created for speed and simplicity. It is produced by System76, a company that makes Linux computers. Overall, I would give Pop! OS a 10/10. It is an incredible Operating System and is probably my favorite of all Operating Systems. I will be going overRead more

How to Install WordPress on An Apache Server

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Installing WordPress WordPress is a great tool that enables you to write webpages without having to worry about crazy HTML stuff. Info Toast uses WordPress. In this tutorial, I will show you how to install WordPress on your website. If you haven’t figured out how to set up a website yet, go to the TutorialRead more

How To Access SSH With HTTP

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Accessing Secure Shell with An Apache Server Are you often being a great big juicy firewall? The kind of firewall that disables every port except for the HTTP and HTTPS ports. If so you may also know how hard it is to access your website’s SSH while you are behind the firewall. Well, there isRead more

How to Make Your Own Website For Free (Except Domain Names)

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How to Make Your Website In this Tutorial, which will be a several part series. Making a website is not easy, so in this part of the tutorial, I will be going over the first part of making your website. The stuff in this tutorial is required by either security or just having a websiteRead more

The Truth About the Dark Web

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Why the Dark Web is a Good Thing In this commentary, I will talk about the Dark Web. I will first start by asking, “What is the Dark Web?” and then we will examine some of its uses that are for good reasons. The Dark Web is most often used for good purposes, and itRead more

Some Plugins that Every Minecraft Server Needs

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Best Minecraft Server Plugins No matter what your server is (except for Anarchy), there are some plugins that most likely you will need to install on your Minecraft server. The plugins I will list in this tutorial are Java plugins made for Spigot servers. If you do not have a Minecraft Server yet, please seeRead more

How To Make A Minecraft Server (Bedrock)

How to Make A Bedrock Edition Minecraft Server So, you want to make a Minecraft Server? Well, you’ve come to the Right Place. This is the tutorial for the Bedrock Edition which is anything except for the PC edition, and several other outdated or rare versions. In this tutorial, I will give you the optionRead more

How to Access the Screens of the Slave Computers in the Supercomputer

Accessing the Screens of Your Slave Computers in Your Supercomputer So, I promised that I would make a tutorial on how to access the screens of your Slave Computers in your Supercomputer. Thus, I must fulfill that promise. If you haven’t made a supercomputer yet, see The Poor Man’s Guide to Making a Supercomputer. That tutorialRead more

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