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How to Play Minecraft on Arm Windows

I’ve written previously about playing Minecraft on the M1 Mac, but now I am continuing that series by showing you how to play Minecraft on Arm Windows. This tutorial only works with Minecraft 1.17 and 1.17.1, sadly.

Step 1: Join the Windows Insider Program

Playing Minecraft on Arm Windows requires OpenGL compatibility. To play with OpenGL, you must join the Windows insider program. You can register for that here: https://insider.windows.com/en-us/. Once you’ve registered for that, you can head here and install the OpenGL compatibility pack: ms-windows-store://pdp/?productid=9NQPSL29BFFF.

It should look like this on the Microsoft store.

Step 2: Download Arm Java

Download and install Microsoft’s OpenJDK for aarch64 so you can play Minecraft on Arm Windows: https://github.com/microsoft/openjdk-aarch64/releases.

What the installer looks like.

Step 3: Configure the Minecraft Launcher to Play Minecraft on Arm Windows

Unlike on Mac, we will be using the vanilla Minecraft Launcher instead of MultiMC. Head over here and download the JSON for the Minecraft version you would like to download: https://github.com/adiantek/mc-spx. Next, place the folder that came with the repository in your %AppData%\.minecraft\versions folder.

Next, run the Minecraft Launcher and head over to your installations.

Your Installations will be here.

Now that you’re at your Installations, ensure Modded is checked, and click “New Installation.” Name it “1.17.1-aarch64” or something along those lines. Then, select the version of Minecraft that you installed into your versions folder.

These should be the options for your installation. Don’t save yet because you still have to select your Java runtime.

Next, before you save the installation, you need to set your Java runtime to the one you downloaded previously. Go to “More Options” to see the Java Executable option. Now, Your Java runtime should be located at C:\Program Files (Arm)\Microsoft\jdk-[VERSION]-hotspot\bin\javaw.exe.

Set your Java runtime here.

Now that is done, all you need to do is save and then head back to the Play tab. Make sure the arm installation is selected, and then click “play.” You should be able to play Minecraft on Arm windows now.

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  1. Just want to reach out and say thanks – it works beautifully on 1.19.2 with one caveat – you can’t use the Windows 10/11 Minecraft installer. Rather, you have to resort to the Windows 7/8-version. You may want to update this guide to reflect that, just to clarify for new users.

      1. I have an arm tablet and most definitely only launcher that will work is a 32 but version aka windows 7/8 version.

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