10 Reasons Your Computer is Better than Your Girlfriend

Why Your Computer is Better than Your Girlfriend So, back in the day, it was impossible to have both a computer and a girlfriend. This was before the computer was ubiquitous, and it was before nerdy was considered cool like it is today. Luckily, we live in the day now where just about everybody hasRead more

How To Make A Minecraft Server (Bedrock)

How to Make A Bedrock Edition Minecraft Server So, you want to make a Minecraft Server? Well, you’ve come to the Right Place. This is the tutorial for the Bedrock Edition which is anything except for the PC edition, and several other outdated or rare versions. In this tutorial, I will give you the optionRead more

Not-So-Fun-Fact: SSD’s Do Fail

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Solid State Disks Do Fail So, I am not a hardware person. I am a programmer. If I were asked about hardware, I would know enough to get by, but I couldn’t tell you that much. However, I am going to talk about hardware today because there was something that happened to me recently thatRead more

How to Access the Screens of the Slave Computers in the Supercomputer

Accessing the Screens of Your Slave Computers in Your Supercomputer So, I promised that I would make a tutorial on how to access the screens of your Slave Computers in your Supercomputer. Thus, I must fulfill that promise. If you haven’t made a supercomputer yet, see The Poor Man’s Guide to Making a Supercomputer. That tutorialRead more

How to Make a Minecraft Server for Free (Java)

How to Make a Minecraft Server for Java Edition Players Multiplayer in Minecraft has always been somewhat difficult. Unlike other games, in Minecraft Java Edition, you can’t simply just connect to your friend’s world. Especially in Java Edition, multiplayer is incredibly difficult, and oftentimes expensive if you want to play with your friends. Mojang offersRead more

The Poor Man’s Guide to Making a Supercomputer

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How to Make a Personal Supercomputer So, I did this myself a few months ago and it was incredibly difficult. It was difficult mainly because the websites that I could find on the matter were very vague about how to do it. Also, they didn’t make it easy for people who didn’t have a tonRead more

Welcome to My New Blog!

Hello Interwebs, You may already recognize me from one of my previous endeavors. You may recognize me as OreDerp, that cringy Minecraft YouTuber kid who knew all sorts of redstone, seeds, and even had a few videos about the generation alogrithm. As well as some other crazy stuff: Others may remember me as the inventor of Oddball, theRead more

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