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Best Spigot Plugins for Minecraft Servers

We have done two articles about the best Spigot plugins before, this is the third article related to this. Here are the previous articles: Some Plugins that Every Minecraft Server Needs, Best Game-Changing Minecraft Plugins. These will be the best Minecraft Spigot plugins.

In this article, we will be generalizing between some of the best plugins for Spigot in Minecraft that are useful for every server and plugins that completely change the game. Hopefully, you will find some of these useful for your Minecraft server. If you need help with any of these plugins, you can join our discord server: https://discord.gg/rftS5NA.

1) Geyser

This is a very powerful plugin. Currently, Minecraft is split between two editions: Java Edition and Bedrock Edition. However, Geyser bridges the two editions by allowing Bedrock Edition players to join Java Edition servers.

Geyser: A powerful best minecraft Spigot plugin
The Geyser Logo

Sadly, Console players will still be unable to join. However, Windows 10 and Mobile editions are accessible, but it has a tendency to be slightly glitchy at times. But, it’s playable and better than nothing. If you’re interested, GeyserMC is available for download at https://geysermc.org.

2) DiscordSRV

This plugin is a great way to get your community involved. This will allow players on your server to see the Minecraft chat even when they’re offline, as well as talk to in-game players from your Discord server.

An average day with DiscordSRV

I won’t go into detail on how to install it, because it’s a little bit of a tricky process, and there’s really good instructions on the Spigot page already: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/discordsrv.18494/. If you need extra assistance, we’ll be happy to help you on the Info Toast discord server.

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3) Dynmap

So this plugin is probably one of the best spigot plugins ever. Basically, this plugin will render a live, dynamic map of everything that goes on in your server. This includes terrain, players, builds, and more. What’s more? It’s also accessible from within your browser! This means that you don’t need to install a special program, or even be in-game to see it.

Dynmap, a minecraft spigot best plugin that creates a live map
My base on my Server’s Dynmap

If you’re interested in getting Dynmap, we have a tutorial on installing and configuring Dynmap to your preferences: How to Have a Live Dynamic Map of Your Minecraft Server.

4) Purpur

This isn’t technically a plugin, but it has a lot of the features of many plugins. You may have read our previous article about Paper, a high-performance form of Spigot: Paper, the Newest Technology in Minecraft: Java Edition Servers. However, there is a new thing based on Paper and Tuinity (basically Paper but faster and designed for large servers with many players) called Purpur.

Only about a tenth of the variables in the config.

Purpur is even faster than Paper, and has tons of customization options. And I mean tons. No other Minecraft Server software gives you the ability to ride unrideable mobs like cows or even bats. You can even make ender chests and barrels be double-chests. What’s more? One can make crying obsidian valid for nether portals, allow Infinity and Mending on the same bow, change lava speed, disable crop trampling, make chests with blocks on top openable, and much more! If you’re interested, go to https://purpur.pl3x.net.

5) ImageOnMap

Have you ever wanted to put images from the outside world in Minecraft, but you don’t have the time to build blocks over a giant area? Then ImageOnMap is for you! This can allow you and your players to bring everything from infographics to flags to memes in-game.

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Well, I hope you enjoyed the best spigot plugins featured in this article. This is a long-term Info Toast series, and I don’t think this will be the last plugin feature article. So join the Info Toast discord or subscribe to our RSS Feed (https://feedpress.me/info-toast) to be notified when more articles come out!

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