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How to Optimize Discord for M1 Mac (TOS Safe)

There are a number of apps that are holdouts that are refusing to update to M1 even after solutions have basically been given to them. The worst of those apps are ones that use Electron, as Electron is slow on its own, and is somewhat as slow as running Google Chrome through x86. Today, I’ll show you how to optimize Discord for M1.

Discord optimized for M1 Mac
Discord Running Natively on M1

The nice thing about Electron is that it’s relatively easy to make your own Electron apps, and it’s fairly easily portable to different Operating Systems and architectures, as Chromium is available in a wide variety of environments. We will be using a software called Nativefier to create our own Discord electron app. This is not against the TOS, as it’s no different than accessing the Discord website from your browser. You’ll just be making your own custom browser specifically for Discord.

Step 1: Install Node.js and NPM

Electron and Nativefier use something called node.js, which is basically JavaScript but for desktop use rather than in-browser use. Head over to the node.js website and download it: https://nodejs.org/en/download/. The .pkg installer should work fine.

Node.js will help you optimize Discord for M1
The node.js installer

Step 2: Install Nativefier to Optimize Discord for M1

Nativefier is the application we will be using to optimize Discord for M1. Nativefier can be installed via NPM. Open up your Termain (search Terminal on Spotlight) and it should prompt you for a command. Type in this command and then press enter and then enter your password:

sudo npm install -g nativefier

This will enable NPM to install the nativefier app, now all you have to do is create the actual Discord application.

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Optional Step 3: Get the Discord App Icon

Nativefier on its own will give a little Atom icon for the app. However, if you want the actual Discord app icon, you need to get it from the Intel discord app. First of all, go to your Applications and find the official Discord app (install it if it’s not already installed). Then, right-click on the app and click Show Package Contents.

Right-click on the Intel Discord app and click “Show Package Contents”

Then, enter the folder called “Contents”, and then after that enter the folder called “Resources”. You should now see a file called “electron.icns”. Copy that file to your Desktop.

Step 4: Make the Discord Native App to Optimize Discord for M1

Open your Terminal yet again, and now there is a bit of a more complex command to enter. Enter the following command to go to your Desktop:

cd ~/Desktop

Now that you’re at your Desktop folder, enter the following command if you followed Step 3:

nativefier https://discord.com/app --arch arm64 --enable-es3-apis --icon electron.icns --browserwindow-options '{"fullscreenable": "true","simpleFullscreen": "false"}' --darwin-dark-mode-support

And if you did not follow Step 3:

nativefier https://discord.com/app --arch arm64 --enable-es3-apis --browserwindow-options '{"fullscreenable": "true","simpleFullscreen": "false"}' --darwin-dark-mode-support

It should create a folder called Discord-darwin-arm64. Go into that folder, and then you can copy the Discord.app file into your Applications. Once you’re done with that, you have optimized Discord for M1!

Known Issues

There are a few things that this solution for Discord can’t do. I’m listing them here, please reach out to me on the Info Toast Discord if you know of any more:

  • It cannot screen share
  • You will sometimes have to mark messages as read, they will not mark themselves automatically all the time.
  • Most issues that exist on browser Discord will exist here.
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However, I think it is totally worth it.

And while you use Discord, why not check out the Info Toast Discord? We can help you with all sorts of tech-related stuff, even if it’s not pertaining to the articles: https://discord.gg/rftS5NA.

Also, along your journey, if you play Minecraft, you can check out our tutorials for optimizing that for M1: How To Optimize Minecraft for M1 (Java Edition).

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